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Open Source!

All of our docs are open source, written and maintained by members of the Gibbon community.

If you’d like to contribute to the Gibbon docs, you could:

Any time you edit or create a page you’ll be submitting a GitHub Pull Request to notify us of your changes. Once submitted, please allow some time for us to review your PR and merge them into the docs.

Written in Markdown

The docs are written in Markdown, a simple plain-text format that can be authored with any text editor, a number of online tools, or directly in the GitHub editor. You can learn more about the Markdown syntax with a quick online guide or tutorial.

Built with Hugo

This documentation site is built with the awesome open-source static site generator Hugo. The theme is based on DocDock, a fork of the Learn theme, and has been customized for Gibbon.

Deploys with Netlify

Each time a change is made to the Gibbon Docs repository on GitHub the whole site is automatically generated and deployed via the amazing JAM-stack wizardry of Netlify.

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