Installing on Windows

Installation on Windows

To install XAMPP, follow the instructions here: Install Xampp

After installing the necessary requirements, you will need to download the core module either from i) here or ii) use the cutting edge code.

How to install?

  1. Go to windows command, run as admin.
  2. Navigate to xampp/apache/bin. Here I am using root directory. > cd C:\xampp\apache\bin >
  3. Start your Apache server. Type in httpd.exe. You would see it running as per here. apache1.png
  4. Go to your xampp, click “Start” on the MySQL.
  5. Navigate to your browser, type in localhost:port. You will be able to find the Core module.
  6. Follow the instructions as per installation guide.

How to install requirements for PHP?

  1. Go to Xampp > Apache > config > php.ini.
  2. Refer here for detailed descriptions.
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