Migrating Gibbon

Migrating Gibbon from one server to another can involve the following considerations and steps:

  1. Files
    • Download or copy your files to a staging location.
    • Edit /config.php to adjust the database settings for your new server.
    • Upload your files to your new server.
  2. Database
    • Download your entire database (e.g. structures, content, auto_increment) to an SQL file.
    • Use find and replace in a text editor to locate all instances of your system’s current URL and update them to the new URL (this will include absoluteURL in the gibbonSettings table).
    • Locate the absolutePath entry in the gibbonSettings table, and update its value field to contain the location of Gibbon in your new server’s file system.
    • Upload your edited SQL file to your a database on your new server.
  3. Config
    • Ensure the file permissions on your new server are secure, and that /uploads is writable by your web server.
    • Ensure that the configuration of your new server meets Gibbon’s requirements.
    • Admin > System Admin > System Check can help in both of these regards.
  4. Decommissioning
    • Once your new server is up and running, and well tested, decommission your old server, backing up and scrubbing data as needed.

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