Staff Absences

Absences and Coverage

The Absences section allows you to view, manage, approve and create staff absences. This is useful as an integrated method of keeping track of when staff members are out of school for various reasons.

To create an absence for yourself or another member of staff, go to New Absence. This form allows you to select the reason for absence, how long it will last, who to notify, and whether or not a cover teacher will be required.

The Coverage section is linked to the Absences section - once an absence is in the system, you can use this section to create and manage cover for the absent teacher’s lessons.

Coverage menu

As the ability to manage absences is a fairly new part of Gibbon, the ability for teachers to request their own absences or cover is disabled by default. If you wish to enable this functionality, go to User Admin > Manage Permissions, filter down to Staff, and enable the following permissions for the necessary roles.

With these enabled, your staff should now be able to create absences for themselves and request cover in their Staff section.