Student Profile

The student profile is a key component of Gibbon, as it gives administrators and teachers full access to all the necessary information about an individual student. As well as this, students are able to view their own profiles, and parents can view the profiles of their children. Other users may see a brief or full version of any profile, depending on the permissions set in Manage Permissions.

General information

The General Information panel lives at the top of a student profile, and provides key information about a student, such as their name, form group, age and email, at a glance. The field types in this area are fixed in the data structures and cannot be modified.

Teachers of student

Below General Information is an overview of all the student’s teachers, based on their timetable. This includes teachers, form tutors, educational assistants, and heads of year. Each entry has the teacher’s photo, their name, and what subject they teach the student. If the same teacher teaches one student multiple subjects, they will appear twice. There is an option to select a list view of teachers, and in the list view the teacher’s names and email addresses can easily be copy-pasted to send emails to a student’s teachers.


At the bottom of the main landing page for each student is their timetable, which shows what lessons they have in the current week. You can click on any lesson’s name to see further information about it.

Student timetable


Apart from the student overview, the Personal tab contains a few more tabs that contain information that can be useful to know about a student.

Module Connections

The student profile features connections to many of Gibbon’s other modules, as students, of course, form the core of a school and are interlinked with many aspects of it. The connected modules are listed below, as they are seen in the sidebar menu.