Data from within Gibbon can be published to PDF by setting up a report and selecting an appropriate template. The most common type of report is for publishing Reporting Cycles, but the flexibility of the reports system enables it to be used for other types of reports, such as transcript and progress reports.

Setting up Reports

Each report in Manage Reports represents a single type of PDF document that can be generated. They commonly relate 1-to-1 to a reporting cycle, but they can also be used for a standalone document such as a transcript.

Generating Reports

You can generate two types of report PDFs: a combined batch-report of all students per Year Group, as well as a single individual report per Student. Generate Reports

Teacher and Admin Access

Teachers and other staff can access the archive through View by Report as well as View by Student. Archive by Student

Parent and Student Access

Parents and student access to reports is optional, and can be controlled per report as well as per archive. There are a number of factors which control which reports are visible to them:

Managing Archives

Archives control where on your server the report files are stored. You may chose to store different types of reports in different archives, in order to control who has access to them.

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