Reporting Cycles

Getting Started

A reporting cycle is a period of time within the school year that reporting data is collected. Reporting cycles are separate from school year terms, which gives schools flexibility for when and how their reports are written.

Each reporting cycle can be setup through Manage Reporting Cycles. The start and end date determine when the reporting cycle occurs throughout the school year. These dates are separate from when users have access to the reporting cycle, which is set through Manage Access.

Scopes and Criteria

The scopes and criteria in a reporting cycle determine what is being reported on, and who can report on it. For example, this is where you set up whether a reporting cycle involves comments and grades, or just comments, or a mix of different criteria.

Scopes determine the larger group of users who are involved in a reporting cycle.

Criteria determine what kind of data is being recoded for each student. The criteria system is flexible, enabling different sets of data to be collected for different courses, form groups, and year groups.

Criteria Types are the generic types of data being recorded. There are some Comment types added by default, and you’re encouraged to add criteria types as needed by your school. These are reusable from year to year, and enable template builders to design different layouts for different types of criteria in the reports. For example, if a school has two different types of grades on a report card, such as a Term Grade and a Final Grade, they may want to set these up as separate criteria types so they can differentiate this data.

Setting up Access

Users will not be able to enter reporting data until they have been granted access. Access for each reporting cycle is determined by role, and you can select multiple roles by holding ctrl/command. Access is also determined by scope, which can be limited to one or more reporting scopes.

Reporting access is limited by a start and end date, which automatically opens and closes report writing access for users based on these dates.

Users with Can Write access are able to write reports within their scope. If Can Write is set to No, users can view a read-only cope of the reports from the My Reporting page.

If Can Proof Read is enabled, users with this access can view and suggest edits on comments written by other users in the same reporting scope.


Rolling Over to a new School Year

Once you already have reports, templates, and reporting cycles, it’s much quicker to setup for future school years.

Reporting Cycles



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