Automated Testing

Gibbon uses PHPUnit and Codeception for automated testing, introduced in v14.0.00. Both testing frameworks can be installed and configured to run in your localhost.

Note: Our refactoring efforts are ongoing, and the code coverage for automated tests is not all-encompassing. A passing test does not guarantee a working codebase: please always test manually too.


PHPUnit tests can be run with the phpunit . command in the /tests folder


Codeception tests can be run with the codecept run command in the /tests folder

Codeception involves integration testing and makes use of a database connection; it will not run unless explicitly enabled. To enable Codeception testing in Gibbon, add the following to your config.php file:

$testEnvironment = 'codeception';

Travis CI

Pull requests and commits to the development branch are automatically built & tested using Travis CI.

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