Rubrics are a tabular way to provide assessment feedback to students. They consist of a grid of grades and outcomes, each cell of which contains some text: Rubric

Getting Started

In order to create a rubric, go to Assess > Rubrics and the use the Add Icon icon to start adding a rubric. Your new rubric can either be school wide, or specific to a department, depending on your permissions with the system. At the bottom of the creation page, you will be promoted to select the size of the rubric. Take care here, as these values cannot be changed once set: Rubric Design

Using Rubrics

Once a rubric has been defined, it can be used in other areas of the system, such as the Markbook or Formal Assessment modules. The screenshot below shows the process of selecting a rubric within the Markbook edit screen: Rubric Selection

Once a rubric has been set, it can be called into action, for example, using the icon below in the Markbook data entry screen: Rubric Usage

To use the rubric, simply click in the cell you wish to select. There is no need to save the rubric, as this happens automatically.

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