Homework & Online Submission

One of Gibbon’s aims is to save teacher time by offering a system of smart workflows. Part of this process is arguably one of Gibbon’s most time-saving features: the ability for students to submit work online. The result of using this feature is an organised collection of work, attached to a lesson, rather than a disparate set of emails or Google Docs.

If you are interested in using this feature, you can enable it in the Lesson Planner edit view. Once editing a lesson, scroll down the to Homework section, and turn homework on, entering deadline and other details.

Next, enable the Online Submission option, which is at the bottom of the Homework section: Homework

If you save the lesson plan, and then view it, you will see a list of students. Students can submit from right in the lesson plan. Your student list will fill up with submissions, with late submissions being highlighted automatically (and flagged for action by tutors), as shown below: Online Submission

Taking this further, you can also show the submitted work in the Markbook, and thus view and mark in one place. It also allows parents to see the work that has been assessed.

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