The Gibbon Messenger allows you to send out messages, in bulk, to a range of targets, in one or more of the following three delivery modes:

Getting Started

  1. Go to Other > Messenger in the main menu at the top of the page.
  2. Use the Add button page_new to start composing a message.
  3. Select the delivery mode(s) that best suit your needs:

Messenger Delivery Mode

  1. Enter a subject and message body.
  2. Choose recipients in the Targets section (see below).


When properly configured, Gibbon knows a lot about your school, making it possible to send messages out to numerous different targets. In the example below, a message is being sent to all students, staff and parents associated in Years 7-9 ICT. Messenger Targets It is always worth double checking your messages before sending, as you are potentially sending the same message our many times over.

Read Receipts

As of v13 (due for release January 20th 2017), Gibbon supports read receipts for messenger emails. Click here to learn more.


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